BP - Christmas 2015

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A Christmas thought for my Family and Friends :)

A Christmas Story

Twas the night before Christmas - and I'd been a drinkin'

The snow was a fallin' - as I sat there thinkin'.

My socks in the freezer - along with the beer

While I puzzled to think out - just why I was here.


When out of the deep freezer - there arose such clatter

I stumbled on over - to see whats'a matter

The beer had exploded - the food was all ruined

But the socks looked okay - hmmmm - could they be consumed?


So some food and refreshment - bit the dust for the season

But I do not worry - I'll tell you the reason.

Cause I've got a secret - that I'm happy to share.

I know Christmas morning - all the goods will be there.


Now one thing I've hated - about growing old

Is there's really no Santa - or so I've been told.

But it's hard to believe - Santa does not exist

Cause I know all the good stuff - that I would have missed.


You know life is like soccer - you get what you give

The richer your life - well - the better you've lived.

And who keeps the balance - who keeps things in line?

It ain't Justin Trudeau - or the church and their kind.


So say what you will - but come Christmas morn

You will get that warm feeling - be glad you were born

And please do not tell me -that the the prints in the snow

Were likely the mailman - or some kids on the go


It was Santa delivering - the best part of the year

Filling your family - with real Christmas cheer.

And having thus stated - the facts loud and clear

I can go back to drinkin' - cause I know why I'm here :))




  Merry Christmas Folks !!!! 


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