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Quickbooks Guides  -  Introduction

This section is a work in progress and will be for some time.

The guides assume you have defined the correct GL accounts,  Tax Code structures, and Customer / Vendor accounts in your bookkeeping system.  Those setups are beyond the scope of this guide.


NOTE:  Bookkeeping involves two separate systems that must be kept in balance.

  1. The "Real World" includes banks, government, customers, vendors, etc..

  2. The "Bookkeeping World" is the system you use to track your business. This could be a manual system, Quickbooks, Sage, or any other bookkeeping system being used.


I know this sounds trivial but it is easy to lose sight of the existence of both when you are up to your ears in debits and credits.  Reconciling your bank statement with your bookkeeping records is one obvious check point.


The information offered in these guides is only one way of doing things.

It is not necessarily the best (or correct) way for your business.

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Claiming PST Input Tax Credits on relevant purchases



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