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Gertie decided to join us for breakfast one morning. She took up residence in the bird feeder outside our kitchen window at Falcon Trails Resort.

A mini war ensued between Gertie and the red squirrel who felt she was trespassing.

First time I ever saw a "grouse attack". It is quite spectacular.

The feeder is about 14" (about 36 cm for you young folk) with Mr. squirrel at one end and Gertie at the other end. Mr squirrel makes sure she is sticking to her side and he commences eating seeds. What he does not realize is that Gertie has gone into attack mode.

Now ... it takes Gertie about 15 minutes to attack across the 12 inches (about 30 cm) separating them. Mr squirrel is so intent on dinner, he does not realize Gertie is there until she gives him a huge peck on the head. He leaps about 14 feet (you figure it out) to the ground below.


BUTT ... Mr. squirrel not only has an extremely hard head, he is a lot smarter than I gave him credit for.

He sneaks back up to the now vacant side of the feeder and pokes his head up to see where miss Gertie is. She, feeling good about herself, is now munching away where Mr. squirrel was before - she is facing the other way. Now Mr. squirrel launches the "squirrel sneak attack".

He pokes his head up a couple of more times to make sure Gertie is still facing the wrong way ... and judge distance I guess. He then launches himself across the feeder, in about one tenth of a second, and bites missy on the butt.  Mr squirrel has a bite like a pit bull and Gertie decides to come back another day.

We are not sure who actually won :)




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